I've made a lot of Rabbids artworks posings over the years. They are meant to be used to communicate on social networks, or turned into goodies for example.
Here are some of them.
3D Posings
Concept Sketches
Step one: Brainstorming
Ubisoft usually gives me a general theme, here it's "summer & beach". I sketch and look for different ideas, I then send Ubisoft the most interesting ones.
Step two: Polishing the idea
Once we know roughly what we want (here we chose the weird pink flamingo), I receive the feedbacks from Ubisoft and make several variations, until we find the right one.
Step three: 3D modeling
When we've agreed on the 2D concept, I go to Maya, my usual 3D software and start modeling the props I'll need to turn this idea into 3D. Here I modeled, textured and shaded the flamingo rubber ring, and the hat on the Rabbid's head. Ubisoft provides me the rigged Rabbid character, which in put into the right position to fit the concept. ​​​​​​​
Step four: 3D render
Once I'm happy with the 3D layout, I do the lighting, then render the scene.
Step five: Photoshop post-treatment
Last step, I send my raw CG render to Photoshop, where I correct the colors, the lights, and add the small details.
And that's it!
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