I've made several marketing artworks for this game, including the two following keyarts for the main game, posings for the 3rd DLC with Donkey Kong, and creative concepts for the 3rd DLC keyart. I worked under the art direction of Guillaume Arvieu and Ubisoft Montpellier's marketing team.

The keyart on the left was made by re-using the previously made 3D character renders by Thomas Veyrat, and merging them into one big artwork.
I'm responsible for the creative concept, image composition, lighting, VFXs and Photoshop post-treatment.

You can see below my process on this picture, from the raw CG-renders to the Photoshop post-treatment.
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Enemies Keyart
I was responsible for every aspect of this artwork, from creative concept to final 3D render, with the exception of the characters modeling, surfacing and rigging, which were provided by Ubisoft.

Here is my process on this picture:
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: 3rd DLC, Donkey Kong Adventures
I also gave a hand on the 3rd DLC, by making this character 3D posing, and drawing some creative concepts for the game.

The final CG keyart was made by the Ubisoft team and can be seen below:
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